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    We have figured out a way to get it working on our own. Our index.html file is a built file that starts out using a template file (index.template.html). If we simply include the minified trial version in a <script> tag there we can access it via window.CanvasJS successfully.

    I am fairly confident that we tried this approach last time (months ago) and it did not work. I assume one of the recent versions have fixed whatever problem we were having before.

    That all being said, I wanted to ask you if this approach could cause any problems for us in the future? Such as maybe that won’t work if we are using the paid version or something? Will this approach remain valid in future releases?

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    Thank you for getting back to us so fast!

    That’s great news but, this brings up new concerns. The trial version would be nice and easy to use since it’s available through NPM but if the commercial version isn’t, then we have to manually install it when we deploy. This would become annoying especially if the package has any dependencies because we wouldn’t have the package manager to resolve dependencies.

    I’m not necessarily saying it’s a deal breaker but ease of use is very important because we plan on using whichever graphing library we choose in multiple projects.

    Also, when do you think the npm package(s) will be ready?

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    We really love how fast and responsive CanvasJS is, it is unquestionably the highest performing charting library we have looked at and that is what we need.

    However, we need a product that isn’t a nightmare to implement in webpack + VueJS.

    We also noticed that there is an unofficial npm package. This might help us but we wouldn’t want to pay for a license and then still not be supported because we are using an unofficial package.

    So if you can do one of the following by early next week, we can stick with you as our first choice:

    1. Give us an example which helps us (easily) implement the CanvasJS library into a webpack + VueJS setup
    2. Tell us that you are already making an official npm package that will be out relatively soon. In which case we could try using the third party one until yours is ready.

    No matter what happens, thank you for your time. We really appreciate the help!

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    Thank you for the quick reply! I found the react example already actually and that is what I am currently trying to adapt to my VueJS project.

    Honestly I don’t fully understand how it works in the React project. Maybe that’s just because I don’t really know React yet.

    Anyway what I have tried to do so far is copying in the ./src/client/public/canvasjs.js file from that project into mine and then put the following line in my .vue file that I need it in:
    const CanvasJS = require('../assets/js/canvasjs.js')

    The result is that the CanvasJS variable is successfully created as an es6 module but doesn’t have the chart constructor defined in it.

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    I am struggling to get CanvasJS working with webpack (and VueJS). I know it has been a while since this thread has been active, but any info or examples you could provide would be much appreciated.

    Please feel free to email me directly at


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