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    Same request from my side.

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    Do you have any progress on this feature, or provide an alternative way to allow me suppress the reset button event propagation?

    I specifically want the pan button and reset button stop propagation.

    I have many data lines, with the smart hiding feature, some of them show markertype, some not, this create big vision inconsistency.

    Could we make an option to force the marker type show?

    Is this a polite way of we will not do what you said?

    I’ve seen the template reply many times in different places.

    Keep range when hide data.

    How to stopPropagation when click data point?

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    Hi Indranil:

    Thank you for your reply, I think that is the answer I need.

    But I have a suggestion, instead of let user do this every time:

    chart.axisY[0].set(“minimum”, chart.axisY[0].get(“minimum”));
    chart.axisY[0].set(“maximum”, chart.axisY[0].get(“maximum”));
    chart.axisX[0].set(“minimum”, chart.axisX[0].get(“minimum”));
    chart.axisX[0].set(“maximum”, chart.axisX[0].get(“maximum”));

    why not provide an option to let user do this easier?


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    Let me explain what I met.

    I want to have the ability to click any position of the chart to trigger a seek event of my video. So I use the solution provided here

    But I found that due to the density of the data, above link would cause an issue, that is, visually user clicked on the data point, but seek to some neighbor frame. So now I use the default click call back provided by canvasjs , and combine with above link. The issue is, when default callback function is triggered, the solution function in above link also triggered. Thus the seek would be overwrite, and the seek still failed.

    Right now, I already found a temporary solution. That is, use a last click time variable to detect the last time the event triggered, to stop the propagation of the action. But I hope canvasjs could provide the native support to this, because I still has issue to below case:

    1. when zoomed, the pan button or reset button still propagate the event to up layer, I didn’t found the callback to pan or reset button call back to do my time trick.

    2. when use range selection to zoom chart, it also triggered a click event.

    So my suggestion is, to all click event in the canvasjs, defaultly stop propagation, or provide option to achieve this.

    Did I make my idea clear?

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    ? could I

    in reply to: Crowded display #18637

    Hi @Sanjoy

    I found the issue.

    When I provide data like :
    “x”: 1,
    “y”: 1.0
    “x”: 2,
    “y”: 2.0

    The auto scale would work perfectly, but when I use “x” value as string like:
    “x”: “1”,
    “y”: 1.0
    “x”: “2”,
    “y”: 2.0

    It will still plot the point without issue, but the scale would have be wrong and crowd, I hope you find this bug well with my description.

    in reply to: fontSize in other unit? #18347

    I recommend to consider this , because I’ve noticed that when I switch between 4k and 2k monitor, the good looking is broken, use javascript to support this is also very inconvenient, so I really hope this could be supported natively in canvasjs.

    in reply to: click event for any cursor position #17808

    Is this still a workable solution?

    We need to purchase one license to get the code to do this hack?

    Could I do it in trial version?

    in reply to: vue and flex #17668

    Is there any clue of the compatibility of canvasjs and flexbox? Please.

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