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    Thanks Thangaraj nice solution.

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    Thanks Priyanka.

    I think I need to do it that way because I want the tooltip to appear on the second chart for the same (or very close) timestamp as I mouseover on the first. The pixel location on the first chart is not relevant because of the different y-axis scales of the two charts.

    I have worked around the issue for now by padding missing series data with nulls, which gives both charts the same y-axis scale and works well.

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    Works like a charm!


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    Is it possible to hide the axis label but still display a crosshair label?

    I’ve forked your fiddle to include a crosshair but it seems the axis labelFormatter overrides the crosshair’s labelFormatter.

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    Great, I think that’s what Im after!

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    I’d love to know how to do this too. Be great if you could define an interval gap with so that data between two adjacent points which are separated by more than this gap would be treats as missing and just not drawn at all.

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