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  • Thanks a lot @vishwas, worked for me like a charm. :)

    Btw the default value specified in the doc page is by default to be 1, not sure if I understand, if the default Value is already 1, why do we need to implicitly define the same?

    Should the defaultValue be updated to “auto” ?

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    in reply to: Bubble Charts getting cut #25480

    Hi Bivek,

    Sorry this is an old thread, but facing similar concern. Why don’t we handle this on the charting side ?

    > if you want all of your bubbles in full, you’d have to change the minimum and maximum values.

    Finding the appropriate delta calls for some logic. E.g.for the above situation, we need to find the maximum bubble radius, multiply that with the pixelValueRatio to get the delta in yAxis/xAxis. Lemme know if I am missing something here.

    Was also referring to

    I came by the similar issue when setting markerSize in a lineChart and some of the markers were cutting off at xAxis.Thx!

    in reply to: Breaking logarithmic yAxis for negative values #24773

    Hi @vishwas,

    Thank you, for looking to it. But currently if there are data, that has a negative dataPoint and the axis is in logarithmic, then it should ideally skip that point or at-least not break that along with other series.

    e.g. This is a comparison view of same data plotted against Highcharts and CanvasJS under similar conditions.,js

    And as this is a generic error handling specific to every log axis implementation, would you consider putting this check on the library end ?


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