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Using CanvasJS with Angular 2

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    How do I create a simple chart in Angular 2?
    I imported the canvasjs.min.js file using: import * as CanvasJS from ‘path to canvasjs.min.js’
    I set up a div container like: <div #chartContainer style=”height: 370px; width: 100%;”></div>
    and in the .ts file, I created a @ViewChild like: @ViewChild(‘chartContainer’) canvasChart; (also tried with :ElementRef)
    and create the chart in ngOnInit (I also tried doing this after ngAfterViewInit):
    ngAfterViewInit() {
    const chart = new CanvasJS.Chart(this.canvasChart, {
    animationEnabled: true,
    exportEnabled: true,
    title: {
    text: ‘Basic Column Chart in Angular’
    data: [{
    type: ‘column’,
    dataPoints: [
    {y: 71, label: ‘Apple’},
    {y: 55, label: ‘Mango’},
    {y: 50, label: ‘Orange’},
    {y: 65, label: ‘Banana’},
    {y: 95, label: ‘Pineapple’},
    {y: 68, label: ‘Pears’},
    {y: 28, label: ‘Grapes’},
    {y: 34, label: ‘Lychee’},
    {y: 14, label: ‘Jackfruit’}
    But I get this error when I load the page:
    ERROR TypeError: this.container.appendChild is not a function
    at new s (canvasjs.min.js:113)
    at DeviceGraphPageComponent.push../src/app/device-graph-page/device-graph-page.component.ts.DeviceGraphPageComponent.ngAfterViewInit (device-graph-page.component.ts:328)
    at callProviderLifecycles (core.js:10414)
    at callElementProvidersLifecycles (core.js:10388)
    at callLifecycleHooksChildrenFirst (core.js:10378)
    at checkAndUpdateView (core.js:11316)
    at callViewAction (core.js:11548)
    at execEmbeddedViewsAction (core.js:11511)
    at checkAndUpdateView (core.js:11308)
    at callViewAction (core.js:11548)

    Can someone help me out with getting the chart to work in Angular 2?



    Creating the chart within ngOnInit() should work fine. Also, if your div-id is chartContainer, the same ID has to be passed as container-id to CanvasJS as const chart = new CanvasJS.Chart("chartContainer", {.
    Please take a look at this sample project on using CanvasJS charts with AngularJS-2.

    Column chart in AngularJS 2

    Priyanka M S
    Team CanvasJS

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