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Updating a chart from local CSV file

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    I am trying to get my canvasjs column chart to update from a local csv file. (foobar.csv)

    I got the column graph to work. See https://chem2.uaf.edu/facilities/Test/csvtest.htm
    but a version containing an updateChart() section fails. See https://chem2.uaf.edu/facilities/Test/csvtest-update.htm

    I tried to copy the json updateChart() format, but this is not working.

    So: How do I code the updateChart() section properly retrieve data from a csv file that might contain changing data?



    Can you please check browser console for error Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ) - csvtest-update.htm:72. It seems like there is some mismatch of brackets in your code.

    If you are facing any other issue, kindly create jsfiddle or share static html/php files over onedrive/google-drive so that we can understand your code better and help you out?

    Vishwas R
    Team CanvasJS



    I attempted to correct the browser error by removing the “)”, but that just gave a different browser error…

    The csvtest.htm:

    The csvtest-update.htm:

    The foobar.csv :



    Sorry, the hyperlinks for the 2nd and 3rd should be switched.



    You have missed out closing window.onload function because of which its throwing error – please check browser-console. Also we would suggest you to instantiate chart once and update dataPoints on every ajax-request instead of creating new chart on every ajax-request. Please download the updated code and let us know your feedback.
    Dynamic Chart from CSV data

    Vishwas R
    Team CanvasJS



    Hi Team,
    Thank you for the suggested changes to the CVS updating chart! It is now updating. However, the number of columns increases by 4 (which is the number of rows in the CVS file) after each timeout interval..

    Perhaps the new dataPoints should overwrite the old dataPoints?




    I created a jsfiddle page for this code:




    Another problem with the suggested code ( https://jsfiddle.net/jwkeller/yy3hdLtz/ ) is that, even at time=0, TWO copies of the CSV file data are plotted.



    OK I fixed it. See the above jsfiddle page. All I did was modify the updateChart function with some lines that removed the previous dataPoints using a dataPoints.shift statement.

    Once I have this webpage fully functional, I will update this forum with the URL so you can see it in action in the “real world”.



    Glad that you fixed the issue :)

    Vishwas R
    Team CanvasJS



    OK it seems to be working. https://chem2.uaf.edu/facilities/WebMO/

    Much of the time these servers are not being used. However, anyone can send in a job by logging on as Guest, pwd webmo

    Do New Job, Create New Job, Lookup-Import-By Name, tetracyclin, OK.
    Click the right arrow (bottom right), choose NWChem (a quantum chemistry package), right-arrow,choose geometry optimization and all the other as defaults, click the advanced tab, change 2 to 8 under Cores, submit the job by clicking the right arrow.

    The bar graph should register under Rosewill.

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