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touch click on android tablets doesnt work

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    I tried on different tablets with android chrome and other browsers to test but the click event is not firing.
    Sometimes is firing 1 time out of 10.

    Same issue with all of your click examples from official website.
    The click event is not even open an alert on android browser



    We tested with android phones including all the major browsers and it seems to be working fine. Can u please let us know which device/model you faced this issue along with browser details? Are you facing this issue on mobile phones as well? Please let us know, so that we can look into it further.


    Here an example from your demos


    On tablets or android phone not working the alert message.
    Sometimes working after multiple clicks

    Here my configurations
    phone lg3
    browser chrome 55.02883

    tablet samsung galaxy tab 3
    browser chrome 55.02883

    We tested on another tablets too, not working

    please help

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    I have the same problem. We have some column charts with click events. It works fine on desktop and ios devices. But on our android platform on a samsung phone the click events are not firing unless you click really quick. This problem is only on android. And tried in browser and on our react app on android.



    We are unable to reproduce the issue at our end in Samsung mobile phone. Can you kindly provide us the following information, so that we can look into it further and help you out?

    1. Android Version
    2. Browser Name and Version

    Vishwas R


    Samsung Galaxy A3
    Android 6.0.1

    Chrome v55.0.2883.91
    Android System WebView v55.0.2883.91

    Does not happen on emulators


    We have exactly the same issue. In fact, it works in Webview but not in Chrome browsers.

    Phones tested on Safari and Chrome but these did not allow touch or click events:
    1. Samsung Galaxy S6 and S5
    2. Samsung Tab
    3. LG Tablet

    It does work on Android Moto X.

    PLEASE help as we are struggling with our customer having this issue.


    I have looked at the links and tried “.setJavaScriptEnabled(true)” without any difference. Its not like the event are not there. If i click like a maniac on the graph then eventually the event fires. But with normal behaviour it does not work. So it seems very buggy.


    @aleckcstef, @mikkelbs, @mariomario,
    [UPDATE]: We’ve fixed this issue in the latest build. Please, do download the latest version and let us know your feedback.

    We tried reproducing the issue at our end. But it seems to be working fine across multiple devices which includes Moto, Samsung, Lenovo, One Plus, HTC, Dell. Can you kindly check the following links and let us know which all events are not working among your devices.





    And at the same time kindly share following information:
    1. Tab model
    2. Android version
    3. Browser version

    Vishwas R

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    my android version is 6.0.1
    my phone is sony xperia Z3
    my chrome version 58.0.3029.83

    mobile click has not working on chrome. How can i solve it?



    Thanks for providing the details. We are looking into this and will get back to you at the earliest.

    Bivek Singh



    We’ve fixed this issue in the latest build. Please, do download the latest version and let us know your feedback.

    Bivek Singh,
    Team CanvasJS


    Sorry to necro this post but it doesn’t look this issue got fixed, or it reverted back.
    It happens on mobile Chrome devices.
    If you go to this URL https://fortyeah.bitbucket.io/public/colorwheel.html
    and interact with the colorwheel, you can’t click on them on Android Mobile.

    EDIT: It works fine in chrome inspector but not on an actual device.

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