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stripLines in a xValueType: "dateTime" line chart

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    Hello everybody.

    I want to put some “stripLines” on a line Chart. The problem is that the x-axe is in “dateTime” mode (xValueType: “dateTime”), wath implies that time is in milliseconds, instead of a “regular” date format.

    How should I enter the “starValue” and “endValue” parameters to get the “StripLine” that I want on the chart?

    At this time, I have tried the next ways:

    startValue:2019-08-12 //for YYYY-MM-DD

    startValue:1568307600000 //2019-08-12 expresed in millisecons

    and some variants of the first one startValue:”2019-08-12″: startValue:(2019-08-12), startValue:’2019-08-12′ and some others, but the “stripLines” just doesn’t appear in the chart.

    In the next link, there is simplified code of what I am try to explain above.


    I will appreciate any comment.




    You can either use JavaScript Date objects or timestamp to set the startValue and endValue for stripLine if xValueType is set to dateTime. Please take a look at this updated JSFiddle.

    Manoj Mohan
    Team CanvasJS


    Dear Manoj.

    Thanks a lot for your for your rapid response, that solves completely my problem. I only have completed the the DATE with the specif time when the “stripLines” must start and end.

    The final code is:

    startValue: new Date(2019,08,13,15,0),// for 2019-08-13 at 15:00 h
    endValue: new Date(2019,08,18,21,45), // for 2019-08-18 at 21:45 h
    label: “In the 40s”

    it works perfec.

    Thank you again.




    Is there any way to rotate the label inside a “stripLines”? I mean, the default orientation inside the “stripLines” is vertical, but in some cases, I would like to show it horizontaly.

    I have tried (unsuccessfully) to do it using “labelAngle: 0” and “labelAutoFit: true”.

    This is part of my script:

    startValue: new Date(2019,08,12,15,0),
    endValue: new Date(2019,08,13,21,45),
    opacity: 0.3,
    label: “Flowing to B.P.”,
    labelAngle: 50,
    labelAutoFit: true,

    Thanks in advance for your help.




    Sorry, this feature is not available as of now.

    Manoj Mohan
    Team CanvasJS



    Thank you anyway.


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