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    I have tried to implement one of the Spring MVC examples. Unfortunately, these examples use JSP which is not recommended by Spring and setting up the IDE for JSP development is not straightforward. I was wondering if there is an example using Thymeleaf as the template engine.



    CanvasJS can be integrated with Spring MVC irrespective of the view layer being used in the project. When it comes to the view layer in Spring MVC, it gives you a variety of choices like JSP or template engines like Thymeleaf, Velocity, FreeMarker, etc. The Spring MVC sample that you can download from our download page uses JSP as view, whereas CanvasJS works smoothly without any issue with any template engines – as CanvasJS is just a JavaScript library, it works fine as the browser supports JavaScript irrespective of any template engine being used. Here is a sample project of integrating CanvasJS in Spring MVC web-project that uses Thymeleaf template engine as view layer.

    Shashi Ranjan
    Team CanvasJS


    Shashi, many thanks. This is very helpful.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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