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Smoothen lines when zoomed out

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    First of all… GREAT product you have going!

    I have one small feature request though. In my use case, it would be really nice if it was possible to have a adaptive resolution flag. What I mean in practice is that I would be able to load high-resolution data in my background ajax call (lets say the resolution is one datapoint every minute), but when showing the graph fully zoomed out, this can get a bit “crowdy” when the line is rendered. However, when showing the same data but an area zoomed in, you might want the full resolution data (without the need of an additional ajax-call).

    This way, you can have lets say 5 minute resolution data (averages from the high-resolution data) when zoomed out, but higher resolution when zoomed in.


    Hi @gregoff

    Thank you for your feedback. If I understood your requirements correctly, you can do that with a few lines of code. Here is a jsFiddle for same.

    In case you are looking for something else, could you please send us a pictorial representation of the requirements so that we can understand it properly and assist you accordingly.
    Bivek Singh


    Well sort of… if i understand your code correct, it simply hides some staples when its zoomed out?

    What i want to achieve is for my code to draw averages in a line chart when zoomed out, but show the fine data when zoomed in.


    Say @gregoff, I agree with you. Very good detection

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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