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smallDashed line turning regular line

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    I have an issue with multi-series chart where I use both line and dashed line types.
    For X-axis I use date/time, and if I select large date range, dashed line appears to be solid (which I figured out as fine because of zoom level). But even if I zoom in as far as I can, it stays solid line. Only on chart re-rendering it goes back to dashed.
    Regular state<br/>
    6 months view<br/>
    After zooming in



    Can you kindly create a JSFiddle reproducing the issue you are facing and share it with us so that we can look into your code, understand the scenario better, and help you out?

    Indranil Deo
    Team CanvasJS


    Sure, I ‘ll try to reproduce it there. Until then, it seems that images I’ve sent got lost. So here it is again, maybe it will help speed up the process.

    Regular state:

    6 months range:

    State after zooming in:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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