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    I want to show hide the data series on the basis of click of label ,
    I have two data series.
    its working fine but only one label is showed , although i have made showInLegend=true in both labels.


    when i take less points then it is working fine and showing both 2 legends , but when i add large number of points then it only show one legend , is it a bug/


    it is resloved now, it is a bug in current version , when i added the old version which i have previously downloaded(more than an year ago) then it worked like a charm.



    In multi-series chart, legends are shown to every series when showInLegend is set to true. We checked the same and it seems to be working fine in all versions including latest, v1.9.6.

    If you are still facing the issue, can you kindly reproduce the same in jsfiddle, so that we can look into it further and help you out resolving it.

    Vishwas R

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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