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Shading evening hours on time X axis

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    I have a chart which uses a time/date X-axis scale, one division per hour. I would like to shade evening hours, i.e. x-values 19:00 – 07:00 to more easily identify days and nights in the data… kind of like interlaced colors but the background shading would change on X values instead of just every other data point interval. Is this possible?




    Just discovered that the fiddle I linked was bad. This one works: https://jsfiddle.net/cmayo/npu0hb6s/.



    You can use stripLines to shade the portion of the chart which displays evening data as shown in the code snippet below:

    stripLines: [
        startValue: new Date(2012,1,1,0,0,0),
        endValue: new Date(2012,1,1,7,0,0),
        color: "lightblue"
        startValue: new Date(2012,1,1,19,0,0),
        endValue: new Date(2012,1,2,7,0,0),
        color: "lightblue"
        startValue: new Date(2012,1,2,19,0,0),
        endValue: new Date(2012,1,3,7,0,0),
        color: "lightblue"

    Please take a look at this updated JSFiddle for a working example.

    Shading evening hours using striplines

    Thangaraj Raman
    Team CanvasJS


    That’s perfect! Thank you so much!!

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