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    I have multiple charts on one page and I want to the user to be able to configure certain colors. The charts have around 10,000 points each. When the user selects a new color for the labels, I run this loop and it’s very slow. It freezes the browser for up to 15 seconds before it completes for 3 charts. Is there a way to do this faster/inbulk. Perhaps disable rerender, apply all changes and then only rerender once? Also, could I do this through a css trick?

    $.each(charts, function (index, chart) {
    hexColor = color.toHexString();
    $.each(chart.axisX, function(xIndex, xAxis) { // could be multiple xAxis
    $.each(chart.axisY, function(yIndex, yAxis) { // could be multiple yAxis
    $.each(chart.axisY2, function(yIndex, yAxis) { // could be multiple yAxis2


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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