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    I there anyway to reverse a bar chart so the highest number is at the bottom of the y axis and the lowest at the top. Effectively the chart is based on rank so if you’re rank is 1 the bar would be at maximum height and if your rank is 6million out of 6 million your bar would barely be visible.

    I’ve asked a similar question here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/64825092/apex-chart-reverse-bar-chart-so-0-is-the-highest-value but I’m just showing you the link so you can see the chart I’m trying to replicate.


    yes, I just had to do this myself, well, mine was for the X but I think it would be the same. on the Y axis add :

    reversed: true

    this should work.



    When axisY is reversed, columns are rendered from top to bottom.You can use multiple axisY to achieve your requirement share above as shown in this JSFiddle.

    Manoj Mohan
    Team CanvasJS

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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