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Remove Axis Label altogether

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    I’ve seen in another post how to “hide” an Axis label, but even when hidden a huge space is still used up as if a label is still there.
    I need to remove the label altogether.

    The suggestion given was to use:

        gridThickness: 0,
        tickLength: 0,
        lineThickness: 0,
        labelFormatter: function(){
          return " ";

    Example given was jsFiddle and you can see how even though the labels/ticks/grids are gone, the space for the label is still there.

    Unfortunately this only gets worse the more Axis you have.
    I’m using 8 different Y axis across 30-ish line series to scale them differently (via min/max values) in the view and each of the labels is leaving a large space behind, and I only really want one of them to be visible.
    My Labels So Far

    Currently I’ve got this for each label (except the visible one) and they still take up space:

                    //index 5
                    labelFontSize: 0,
                    tickLength: 0,
                    lineThickness: 0,
                    margin: 0,
                    minimum: -200,
                    maximum: 200,
                    labelAutoFit: false,
                    labelFormatter: function(e){
                        return "";

    Kind of running out of options and not sure if I’m just approaching this from the wrong angle.
    I’m a beginner so I’m not yet aware if there is some CSS id I should be targeting.

    Thank you!



    You can prevent the chart to reserve space for the hidden axes by setting negative values to the axis margin as shown in this code snippet below,

        title: "",
        tickLength: 0,
        labelFormatter: function(e) {
          return "";

    If the solution suggested doesn’t fulfill your requirement, kindly create a JSFiddle with your use case so that we can understand your scenario better and help you out with an appropriate solution.

    Tony Antony
    Team CanvasJS


    Ah, such a simple fix, that worked great! I still needed “labelFontSize: 0” to make the numbers disappear, but now the graph lines up clean with the left side with no space lost for hidden labels. Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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