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Problem with Dates when showing individual days

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    I posted my code on JSFiddle

    If you look at the bar chart in the display on JS Fiddle, you’ll see that May 31, 2015 and Jun 1, 2015 are both displayed for a single bar. That is, two dates are confused as one day. If you look at the JavaScript code, you can see that I have set two separate dataPoints, but only one bar displays in the chart.

    { x: new Date(2015, 05, 31), y: 7832 },
    { x: new Date(2015, 06, 01), y: 7348 },

    This only happens when — intervalType: “day” and interval: 1.

    If I set the interval to 2 or 7, the bar for May 31 and Jun 1 are two separate bars. The chart displays correctly. But if I set the chart to display each bar as a separate day, May 31 seems to get dropped as a distinct day.

    Is this a true bug or have I programmed something incorrectly? I have done a workaround by setting x as a custom label, but I’m trying to write an extended tooltip (which is only partly complete). It would really be better for my code if I could use true dates for the x label instead of a custom label.


    I believe the problem is not with YOUR code. I forgot that JavaScript Date object is zero-based. So Date(2015, 05, 31) is NOT May 31.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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