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Mozilla Firefox Line Chart with DateTime Rendering Issue

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    I have used the line chart with some data that contains Date Field for x- Axis. The graph is generated great in IE and Google Chrome, but when it loads in Mozilla Firefox, the graphs wont showed up there. But the graphs without Date Time field renders perfectly.Please if possible tell me the possible solution for the same…




    Can you kindly create a jsfiddle that reproduces the issue, so that we can look into it and help you out.

    Vishwas R
    Team CanvasJS


    Hello Vishwas R,

    I have created the JSFiddle with the data generated from my program, here is the link
    http://jsfiddle.net/ukgx1Lkk/1/.. where you can check the graph comes out to be empty where as the same is working on Google Chrome and IE but not in Mozilla Firefox.




    One more thing i forgot to tell you that data is collected from Mozilla Firefox Developer tool, my data is converted like that but in Google chrome or IE, the datapoints look like below:

    {“x”:”3-22-2017 3:41″,”y”:0.16344070434570313,”y1″:0.62633228302001953 },
    {“x”:”3-21-2017 3:41″,”y”:0.37614154815673828,”y1″:1.2101640701293945 },
    {“x”:”3-18-2017 3:41″,”y”:0.17549514770507813,”y1″:0.67651462554931641 },
    {“x”:”3-17-2017 3:41″,”y”:0.17520904541015625,”y1″:0.61232662200927734 },
    {“x”:”3-16-2017 3:41″,”y”:0.21716499328613281,”y1″:0.65071773529052734 },
    {“x”:”3-15-2017 3:40″,”y”:0.16378116607666016,”y1″:0.61119747161865234 },
    {“x”:”3-14-2017 3:41″,”y”:0.36726093292236328,”y1″:1.1655187606811523 },
    {“x”:”3-11-2017 4:40″,”y”:0.16198062896728516,”y1″:0.64371013641357422 }

    this works fine with IE and also Google Chorome….

    Please check this data…




    We observe that x-values are not valid JavaScript date-time objects in your code and the jsfiddle you have shared is not working even in Google Chrome(v56.0.2924) or IE (v11.0.10240).

    Date-Time Object not working in Chrome
    Date-Time Object not working in IE

    Please refer this link for valid JavaScript date-time formats. Changing it to valid format will work fine across all browsers. Also refer date-time axis for more info.

    Vishwas R
    Team CanvasJS

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