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    Is there any way that i can use CanvasJS on mobile touch screen? Right now, when I implement CanvasJS on mobile site, they did not work properly. I can not scroll up and down when there is a chart in the site, also, the whole chat is not fluency when scrolling. And, i can not enlarge the screen when there have chats.
    Help you guys can solve the question.



    We’ve fixed this issue in the latest build. Please, do download the latest version and let us know your feedback.

    Whenever you move finger / pointer on the chart, the chart has to know if you are trying to scroll or interact with the chart. Hence we have implemented a behavior where if you hold the finger for a while on the chart, it captures the event and doesn’t scroll. On the other hand, if you move pointer / finger quickly without pausing, it allows you to scroll. Can you try as mentioned above and let us know?

    Also, can you please let us know your Device Model, OS, and Browser Version?

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    For me this solution isn’t working. My scrollbar works perfectly fine on pc but I am not able to scroll using my iPhone (latest iOS is installed). Is there another fix by now?




    We have observed some flickering issue in iOS while scrolling the page by tapping on chart, but works fine across desktop browsers and android. We will resolve this issue in future releases.

    Vishwas R
    Team CanvasJS


    hi Vishwas R,

    I am using a Android Tablet and trying to Scroll through the Screens having Canvas JS Charts. Its working fine in the Desktop but as soon as i do scrolling in the Mobile or Tablet (Android), its throws an Exception having below Stuff into it.

    1) Technical Error : 661671595

    I have generated the Dynamic Canvas JS Charts in Salesforce Lightning.
    I am using the Latest Version of Canvas JS.



    Can you kindly share sample project along with sample data over Google-Drive or Onedrive so that we can look into the code, run it locally to understand the scenario better and help you resolve?

    Vishwas R
    Team CanvasJS

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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