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    Hi there. I have a background image that I want to display underneath my chart. My chart has position absolute and I’ve positioned it to be directly on top of my background image. I tried setting background color to transparent, but it still does not show the background image underneath. Could you please let me know if canvas js has such a feature?



    Please take a look at this JSFiddle for an example on adding background image to the chart.

    Chart with Background Image

    Vishwas R
    Team CanvasJS


    Hi. Thanks for the reply.
    I am actually trying to implement two charts, where the 2nd chart will be on top of the first and both are visible. I have applied backgroundColor: Transparent on the top chart so that the bottom one is visible.
    The problem I am facing is that I can not align the x-axis of the two charts so that they start and end together. I am guessing that this is due to different lengths of y-axis labels of the two charts.

    Please have a look at this fiddle for reference: https://jsfiddle.net/6rw7u8ez/
    Please let me know if there is some way to make the two chart’s x-axis align.




    You can align y-axis of both the charts so that the x-axis of both also gets aligned. This can be done by setting axis margin to top chart based on bounds of bottom chart.
    chartTop.axisY[0].set("margin", (chartBottom.axisY[0].bounds.x2 - chartBottom.axisY[0].bounds.x1 - chartTop.axisY[0].bounds.x2 + 5));

    Please take a look at this updated JSFiddle for an example on the same.

    Vishwas R
    Team CanvasJS

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