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License related question

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    i have a few questions, appreciate if you can please answer these, will help deciding if we want to buy a license for a product.
    1 – A single developer license can be used for an unlimited number of websites, correct?

    2 – I can convert a single developer license to an unlimited developer license if we decide to buy?



    Hi Amit,

    Below are your questions addressed.

    1 – A single developer license can be used for an unlimited number of websites, correct?

    Yes. CanvasJS licenses are developer based and hence a single developer in you company can build any number of products/website using it.

    2 – I can convert a single developer license to an unlimited developer license if we decide to buy?

    Yes. You are allowed to upgrade from single developer to unlimited developer license.

    Sunil Urs


    Thanks Sunil for the clarification. Does the functionality to take a picture of the graph as a PNG/PDF exists today? If not then any plans of adding it?


    Amit, we have plans to implement the same but don’t have an exact timeline yet. Probably in 6-8 weeks.


    some more license related questions. Would greatly appreciate if you could clarify soon as this would us decide if we can go ahead with canvasjs for our product.

    1 – The way we plan to use the canvasjs library is as follows:
    – Our product has a web server packaged with it to provide a web GUI for the product.
    – As part of the Web GUI we also want to provide charts and this is where canvasjs comes in.
    – We sell our product to customers all over the world, so the canvasjs scripts gets packaged/embedded as part of our product (and therefore gets exported) and gets installed on customer sites (again this could be anywhere in the world, we are a U.S. based company, customers could be located anywhere in the world, this is where the export part comes in). So the website that uses canvasjs is not hosted with us, it is hosted as part of our product deployed on the customer premises, which could, again, by anywhere in the world.

    So this is how we intend to use it, wanted to confirm with you that this is OK in terms of the licensing for the *Developer License*.

    2 – If we buy an unlimited developer license, would that license also be valid for another organization to which we sub-contract the work?

    3 – The https://canvasjs.com/license/ has the following text about licensing, but i cannot find the part about being “royalty free” in the EULA. Can you please clarify.

    Commercial Licenses
    CanvasJS follows a simple “royalty-free” licensing model based on the number of developers. Commercial license allows you to integrate and distribute CanvasJS Charts in your Commercial Applications without any royalties. You are also allowed to modify the source code to suite your requirements.




    For 1:
    Yes. Its fine. License is required only for “developers who work with our library” and it does not restrict you on the number of copies you can distribute “as part of your product”. As long as the “developers” working on it have license, its fine. In case your customers are going to directly work with our library to edit/customize your product, then their developers would require a license too. Otherwise its fine.

    For 2:
    Yes. It’ll allow them to work on your product. At the same time it does not allow them to develop other products which are not for your company.

    For 3:
    Point 2 of section “Developer License” says “You are allowed to distribute the software along with your product to the end-user.”

    Sunil Urs


    Sunil, thanks a lot for the quick reply. Will get back to you soon.



    I have a question regarding licenses. I have a team of people working on various projects with one
    javascript UI developer, who is supposed to work with only CanvasJS.

    My question is since our source code is hosted on private git server, we have other developer working
    on the same project, backend developers, testers, but different modules/sections (not related to canvasjs) and
    same part of codebase but not related to canvasjs related work.

    So, since I have only one UI developer working on canvas, but many other people working on the same project but other
    section, is One Developer License OK for me? And in case I add more CanvasJS developer in future, can I convert/upgrade my license to unlimited/or Team license as required?

    Rajesh Pillai


    Rajesh Pillai,

    Thanks for your interest in CanvasJS. One of our representative from sales-team will get in touch with you soon over email. For any other sales related queries feel free to inbox us at sales[at]canvasjs[dot]com.

    Vishwas R
    Team CanvasJS

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