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Just wanna share using Laravel and Canvas JS

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    Just wanna share. I use Laravel 5.5. So in my Controller:

    $data = Mymodel::select(‘id’,’tablecolumn1′, ‘tablecolumn2’)->orderBy(‘tablecolumn2’)->get();

    Using $data->toArray(); the result need to be converted to requirement of Canvas JS, so I just use the syntax str_replace as necessary ():

    $data = str_replace(‘”tablecolumn2″‘, ‘x’, $data);
    $data = str_replace(‘”tablecolumn1″‘, ‘y’, $data);
    $data = str_replace(‘”id”‘, ‘label’, $data);
    $data = str_replace(‘label:’, ‘label:”‘, $data);
    $data = str_replace(‘,y:’, ‘”,y:’, $data);

    Then pass the variable to the view :

    return view(‘pages.charts.canvasjs2’, [ ‘data’ => $data ]);

    Dont forget to delete $data->toArray(), it gives me error if not deleted.

    Then in view, in dataPoints, I just put the following :

    dataPoints: <?php echo $data; ?>

    And in the tooltip:

    toolTipContent: “<b>Label :{label}, Value of X:{x}, Value of Y:{y}”,

    Work like a charm :) …. Sweett….


    i want to use created_at column on my chart as X , but it needs to be in unixtimestamp format , how can i get or convert date from database from date like this 2019-03-17 17:48:05 to 1553720114 format?


    when i use
    dataPoints: <?php echo $data; ?>
    that shows to me like this :
    dataPoints:[{“x”:2019-03-17 17:48:05,”y”:100}]
    but i want to show like this for showing on chart:
    i can’t see chart by this format :
    dataPoints:[{“x”:2019-03-17 17:48:05,”y”:100}]


    I think thats not related to CanvasJS, but to your model in Laravel. How about accessor and mutator in Laravel? or convert using Carbon?


    I don’t know how can i use in my code ,
    this is my code in my controller :
    public function viewArchives(){
    $data = Archive::select(‘created_at’)->get();
    return view(‘view.archives’, compact(‘data’));
    and in view :
    <?php echo $data;?>
    the result is :
    {“created_at”:”2019-03-17 19:10:30″}
    but i want the result be like this :

    how can i do this?

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