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    Is there somebody knows how to generate chart using php and mysqli with an array? (See examples below)
    consultation table
    consultation_id | complaints
    1 | Fever, Headache —–> I want to fetch this data and generate it into charts, but I don’t know how
    2 | Fever —–> I know how to generate this, the query is “SELECT * From consultation WHERE
    complaints = ‘Fever'”
    On the first row I tried the query but it needs to be complete like “WHERE complaints = ‘Fever, Headache’
    If there an option that i just need put “WHERE complaints = ‘Fever’ and both rows will appear
    please I just badly need the answers that you can give me. Tnx



    Please take a look at this gallery page for an example on adding dataPoints from mysql database in PHP.

    If you are still facing issues in integrating kindly share sample project along with sample database over Google-Drive and Onedrive so that we can look into code and understand the scenario better and help you resolve.

    Manoj Mohan
    Team CanvasJS

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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