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    Hi, i used a splineArea with a stripLines in axis Y. How can i determine the point where the line and the curve intersect? Thanks.



    Sorry we don’t have this feature. You need to find it out mathematically.


    And is there a way to find the function of the curve that passes through 4 points?
    and last question is how to add a red point in my chart?


    Are you looking for markerColor with Scatter Chart. And it is not possible to access internal functions of library.


    Scuse me Sanjoy, but if the javascript is able to draw the curve, it should be a function that does this inside canvasjs.min.js. Thanks.


    We are using Bezier Curve for drawing Spline Curve. Am not able to find a way to know intersection point of spline and line. But you can look into the function renderSpline & getBezierPoints in our source code (canvasjs.js) for more information on the same.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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