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    how can i create multiple chart (two chart) in one page?


    Hi there,
    is it possible to display charts adjacent to each other like a widget type of thing, say two charts above and two below.



    Can you please give us some link / screenshot that depicts the kinda widget that you want to create?


    i don’t know if it’s a widget or what but here is the link. click on charts in this page: http://dev.sencha.com/deploy/ext-4.0.1/examples/sandbox/sandbox.html i want to display charts in one page like shown here but of course on a full page.



    Yes, you can plot the chart as mentioned in the link. Because charts just get drawn inside any container you provide, it’s more about designing the container itself. Just design/place the container according to your requirement and pass its id to CanvasJS and chart should get plotted inside the same.

    Here is simple example that I’ve created. You can style it according to your requirements.



    I want to be able to create multiple graphs on the same page where the data to each graph comes from separate CSV files.
    Is it possible to display buttons on the webpage, for each chart to appear, with the on click option ?

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    You can use onclick mouse-event to load chart on button click, from multiple CSV files. Here is an example.


    Thank you, Vishwas. How do I load data from multiple csv’s to plot the graph ? I want to send the csv filename as a parameter to the “Processdata” function.


    You can load data from multiple CSV using ajax. Here is an example.


    I tried it, it’s not working. Please can you help me with why i’m unable to plot my graphs. Thanks!


    Kindly check the example from the fiddle. Here is the screenshot of the working fiddle.


    Hi, my csv data files are in this format :
    Name, x, y
    abc, 1, 4
    def, 2, 1
    ghi, 3, 2
    Please help me with implement.



    This is my code.

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    For your csv format you have to use
    dataPoints.push({ x: parseInt(rowData[1]), y: parseInt(rowData[2]), name:rowData[0] });
    and linking to correct CSV should plot your corresponding chart.

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