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Exposing more events

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    To improve the interactivity and responsiveness of charts, it would be great to be able to attach event handlers to the following events:

    • Legend item double click – So far the legend API allows to attach event handler to item click, mouseover, mouseout, and mousemove. It would be great if I could attach a handler to the double click event. At the moment, I am hiding/showing a series whenever a user clicks on a legend item. In addition to that, I would like to allow the user to double click a legend item in order to hide all series except for the double clicked one.
    • Resize events – I really like your automatic handling of window resizing. However, there are often cases where I would like to modify the chart before it is re-rendered.

      • Example: the window size changes and based on the window size, I would like to exclude some data points.
      • Of course, I could register a resize listener to the window object myself and re-render the chart accordingly, but this could interfere with the automatic re-rendering and may result in rendering twice.
      • It would be much more convenient to have an event handler onBeforeResize which is invoked before the chart is re-rendered. In this event handler I could modify the complete chart before your automatic re-rendering takes place.
      • Maybe some developers are also interested in an onAfterResize hook.

    Thanks for shearing your user experience. We will discuss on your point for future versions.
    As of now you can implement double click event using setTimeout function. Please check this example.


    Thank you for your response. I think the double click implementation should work for me. Thanks for sharing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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