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Diagonal Lines on Step Area Chart

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    There is a bug where many step area charts will display diagonal lines rather than proper right angle steps. This issue is often fixed when zooming in on the problem areas.
    Graph has diagonal lines.
    Zoom in
    Graph now is properly displaying

    I have an example of this problem available at http://demo.loadiq.com/temp.html



    The issue is not visible in the link that you provided. But I’ve come across this issue and hence looks like a regression bug. Will look into the same and get back. Meanwhile if you can help recreate the issue with some data, that would make it lot more easier to fix the problem.

    Sunil Urs


    Thanks for the response.

    It appears that the issue only occurs on this site when viewed in chrome with smaller window sizes, I could not recreate issue in firefox.


    I’m having the same issue.

    Will this be addressed in the 1.5 release?

    This happens in Chrome, but not IE11

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