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    On the Chart with Crosshair, at code examples, in Controller section, there is the following code:

    public ContentResult JSON()
    List<DataPoint> dataPoints = new List<DataPoint>();

    dataPoints.Add(new DataPoint(1481999400000, 4.67));
    dataPoints.Add(new DataPoint(1482604200000, 4.7));
    dataPoints.Add(new DataPoint(1483209000000, 4.96));
    dataPoints.Add(new DataPoint(1483813800000, 5.12)); //1483813800000 gets materialized into a date

    What date type is the first value of the DataPoint?(e.g 1483813800000). How can i convert a normal C# DateTime to this format(double)? I tried .ToOADate() and didnt succeed.



    Please take a look at this StackOverflow thread for more information on converting c# DateTime to JavaScript timestamp.

    Indranil Deo
    Team CanvasJS

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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