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Create a chart for use of number of RDS users & groups

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    I would like to create an RDS overview of number of total of users per hour, for over a full year.
    Then I also would like to show the number of users per team.
    Got all data in Powershell (which gets it from a sql database).

    $Overview => type is System.Management.Automation.PSCustomObject

    GroupName Details
    ——— ——-
    Team01 {{ x: new Date(2018,1,29,14,00), y: 57 },{ x: new Date(2018,1,29,16,00), y: 20},}
    Team02 {{ x: new Date(2018,1,29,14,00), y: 3 },{ x: new Date(2018,1,29,17,00), y: 4 },}
    Team03 {{ x: new Date(2018,1,29,14,00), y: 9 },{ x: new Date(2018,1,29,18,00), y: 6 },}
    Team04 {{ x: new Date(2018,1,29,14,00), y: 5 },{ x: new Date(2018,1,29,19,00), y: 25 },}
    TOTAL {{ x: new Date(2018,1,29,14,00), y: 74},{ x: new Date(2018,1,29,20,00), y: 55 },}

    I found this chart: https://canvasjs.com/javascript-charts/multi-series-chart/
    which could show the different teams and stats, but how do I get
    the $Overview into the html in a decent way now?
    Could import the html via Get-Content -Path C:\path\to\my\file.txt but then still my data $overview won’t be in it.

    Thanks for your input.



    Can you please share a sample project along with sample data reproducing the issue that you are facing and share it over one drive(or any other similar service) so that we can understand your code better and help you out?

    Suyash Singh
    Team CanvasJS



    Thanks! However, figured it out meanwhile but do have another question.
    My date notation is wrong, although I use f.e. { x: new Date(2018,1,30,20,0), y: 133 } it shows month as March.
    Can you help me with that?

    Hope screenshot clarifies it:
    Month 1 is showing as March


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    In JavaScript month starts from 0 instead of 1. So new Date(2018, 2, 1) would be Mar 02 2018(as February 2018 has 28 days). Please take a look at this link on JavaScript Dates for more info.

    Suyash Singh
    Team CanvasJS


    Thanks, just what I needed!

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