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convertValueToPixel in StockChart

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    Hello, I am using a StockChart, and I need to get the positions of datapoints or better yet, specific x,y values in terms of pixel coordinates on the chart. I know with Chart, you can do that using convertValueToPixel, by calling it on the x or y axis members, but I need to do it on StockChart.

    I can’t seem to do that with StockChart, and I can’t seem to find the x or y axis members of a StockChart to be able to do that on.

    Note, I am using a StockChart with 2 subcharts within it, one using 3 sets of datapoints, and the other using 1 set of datapoint. The 2 charts are stack on top, with different y-axis, but they share a common DateTime x axis at the bottom.

    How can I use convertValueToPixel or equivalent with a StockChart object?



    In case of StockChart, you need to use the convertValueToPixel method with respect to individual charts to get their corresponding pixel coordinates as shown in the code snippet below –

    document.getElementById("displayYPixel").innerHTML = "Y-Pixel Coordinates of the dataPoint is: " + Math.round((stockChart.charts[e.chart.index].container.offsetTop + stockChart.charts[e.chart.index].axisY[0].convertValueToPixel(e.dataPoint.y))) + "px";
    document.getElementById("displayXPixel").innerHTML = "X-Pixel Coordinates of the dataPoint is: " + Math.round((stockChart.charts[e.chart.index].container.offsetLeft + stockChart.charts[e.chart.index].axisX[0].convertValueToPixel(e.dataPoint.x))) + "px";

    Please check this JSFiddle for an example on displaying the pixel coordinate of a dataPoint on click.

    Display Pixel Coordinate of dataPoint in StockChart

    Indranil Deo
    Team CanvasJS

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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