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Can I force show label ?

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    I have following data. when report render, it’s showing some lebels on x-axis (as its not possible to show all the label in this area). Everything is fine but Can I force to show some label with any additional property?

    datapoints = [
    {x: 1, y:100, label:’13-10-2014′, forceShowLable : true},
    {x: 2, y:110, label:’13-10-2014′},
    {x: 3, y:120, label:’13-10-2014′},
    {x: 4, y:130, label:’14-10-2014′, forceShowLable : true},
    {x: 5, y:140, label:’14-10-2014′},

    {x: 1001, y:1010, label:’28-10-2014′, forceShowLable : true},
    {x: 1002, y:1020, label:’28-10-2014′},
    {x: 1003, y:1030, label:’29-10-2014′, forceShowLable : true},
    {x: 1004, y:1040, label:’30-10-2014′, forceShowLable : true}



    Yes you can force to show required labels using labelFormatter. Here is an example.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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