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Bachelor thesis: Optimization methods used in CanvasJS

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    I’m writing a bachelor thesis about JavaScript graphing capabilities. I’m going to research into SVG and Canvas and as for practical part I’m trying to compare different graphing frameworks, CanvasJS being one of them.

    Currently I have made 4 similar looking line charts with 4 different frameworks. Now I’m going to see how these charts react when data amount is starting to increase up to 100,000 and even further. I’m trying to see if I am able to compare these frameworks.

    I have come here to acquire information on the following:
    1) Optimization methods used in CanvasJS?
    2) Problems worth mentioning in the creation of CanvasJS?
    3) Anything that you think makes CanvasJS more unique/better than any other similar framework?

    So I’m looking for pretty much anything that You think to be worth mentioning about CanvasJS. Anything You think that might help me create a better thesis. Any ideas, that You might have, where I can direct my work into, to make it more complex.

    Quite general questions. So it might be easier to answer on a narrowed scope: For creating simple line & scatter charts.

    Any help is much appreciated!

    Artur Käpp

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