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Align Pie/Doughnut Chart to Left

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    I have some chart of varying sizes. The doughnut/pie ones are all centered, and the center varies by the size.
    I think the page would look better if all the charts where aligned to the left.


    Though I got some idea on the requirement, if you can upload a screenshot, that would help me in getting a clear picture on the same.


    See the example here. http://dealpoints.herokuapp.com/pages/521676fd9f7dfab133000007
    The top chart and other charts don’t line up. This is because the width of the top chart is smaller than the others since it is paired with another element.
    If there is no alignment option then I can live without it. But it might be a quick solution to my issue.


    I posted a reply but it got blocked since it had a url.


    Because the alignment issue is mainly due to reduced chart width (because of the other element next to chart), you can consider adding a dummy div element next to other charts or reduce their width accordingly.


    Ok. That was going to be my solution if there was no alignment option. I’ll go ahead and do that.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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