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Thank you for the answer, yeah it works only with label and y value. But I want to create a different type of graph.
Usually the multi-series line chart looks like this : https://canvasjs.com/docs/charts/basics-of-creating-html5-chart/multi-series-charts/
(where all the lines have points in front of the same label).

But i want somethink like this : desired graph

example of what i want

Like where the points should not be coordinated to the lines, but rather points in lines can alternate. That’s why I can push the points how i want by adding the X value(I really want labels on X axis to be strings, not numbers). If i don;t add x, the canvas js will force the points placement to be perpendicular and in match with the other points.

So do you have any other suggestions? or maybe i should use a new type of graph… Because right now seems like more of a bug, because it can’t interpret x value and label. I think a good behaviour(but is just my opinion), when a user adds x,y and label, x & y -should be for drawing purpose, and label strictly for displaying under the ox line.