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I appreciate your help up to this point! I just have a couple more questions regarding the horizontal lines. Your solution helped and I was almost able to get our desired behavior!

1.) We aren’t just using one graph. We are fetching the data for multiple graphs from our back end and want to cycle through them. In our playground app I’m using a single canvasJS component and passing a new set of graph options on state change. The problem is this does not redraw these horizontal lines when I toggle to the next graph(new options are set). Additionally, if I change the size of the browser window, open the inspect tab, or just toggle the zoom button in the toolbar(to the traverse curve option) the horizontal lines we drew disappear. How can I fix this behavior?

2) Ideally we would like the annotations to be entirely handled by CanvasJS. If we move forward and make a purchase, would it be possible to add x axes start and end points for Y axes striplines to the library?