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In case of StockChart, you need to use the convertValueToPixel method with respect to individual charts to get their corresponding pixel coordinates as shown in the code snippet below –

document.getElementById("displayYPixel").innerHTML = "Y-Pixel Coordinates of the dataPoint is: " + Math.round((stockChart.charts[e.chart.index].container.offsetTop + stockChart.charts[e.chart.index].axisY[0].convertValueToPixel(e.dataPoint.y))) + "px";
document.getElementById("displayXPixel").innerHTML = "X-Pixel Coordinates of the dataPoint is: " + Math.round((stockChart.charts[e.chart.index].container.offsetLeft + stockChart.charts[e.chart.index].axisX[0].convertValueToPixel(e.dataPoint.x))) + "px";

Please check this JSFiddle for an example on displaying the pixel coordinate of a dataPoint on click.

Display Pixel Coordinate of dataPoint in StockChart

Indranil Deo
Team CanvasJS