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Thanks for the help, I figured out the cause, the other value (not the timestamp) was being stored as a string, and as such needed to be changed to an Int for the graph to work properly!!

I know need to figure out how to get the x-axis to show as I’d like, at the moment the x-axis is from a timestamp, however the results I get in the database from my system are not exact times, so not always 1 minute intervals, and sometimes there can be long gaps between data being received. This causes an issue in the graph where I cant seem to display the actual timestamp from the DB on the x-axis, this is most likely me needing to figure out the settings required for the x-axis. At the moment the config for x-axis is:

valueFormatString: “DD-MM-YY HH:mm:ss”,
intervalType: “hour”,
interval: 24
data: [{
type: “line”,
xValueType: “dateTime”,

This results in a graph such as:


What I’d really like is for each of the data points to have the timestamp on the x-axis. you can see what I mean with the long downward slope in the middle this is where there is no data in the DB for that time period.