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Actually, it looks like what I want to do works, as long as the X axis is a Date or numeric value. It seems that the chart will sort that data accordingly so it’s in order. So, I Can work with that.

The next issue is that my data series is not a continuous range of dates. For example:
05/23/2021 – 200
05/24/2021 – 250
–I.e. weekend —
05/27/2021 – 225
05/28/2021 – 300

The chart automatically puts in the missing dates (05/25, 05/26) and then plots a 0 in those locations. I want the series to ignore the missing data and not draw the series as 200 –> 250 –> 0 –> 0 –> 225 –>300. I want it to be 200–>250–>225–>300 and ignore the missing dates.

Is there a way to do this?