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I am using multiseries line chart. In that valueFormatString: “hh:mm TT” for x-axis labels is used and also label is added to datapoints.
so sometimes its taking labels and sometimes valueFormatString.

for example, for below timestamps its taking labels of datapoints as a x-axis labels
“data”: [{
“x”: 1619032560000,
“label”:”Apr-22-2021 00:46″,
“y”: “19.563”,
}, {
“x”: 1619032620000,
“label”:”Apr-22-2021 00:47″,
“y”: “19.566”,

and for below data its taking valueFormatString for x-axis label format,
“data”: [{
“x”: 1606377256000,
“label”:”Nov-22-2021 00:46″,
“y”: “-99.159”,
}, {
“x”: 1606377616000,
“label”:”Nov-22-2021 00:47″,
“y”: “-134.617”,
I am converting timestamp into standard javascript date-time format, new Date(x)

so can u please explain on what value it depends ?