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OS: win7 64-bit

Internet explorer : version 11.0.9600.18792
Google Chrome: version 61.0.3163.100

Locally hosted via Joomla CMS Version3.8 Gantry 5
WampServer (wamp64) Version 3.0.6 -64bit
-Apache version 2.4.23
-PHP Version 7.0.10
-MySQL version 5.7.14
We us a plug-in from “Regular Labs – Sourcerer” to enable Joomla to recognize Javascript.

These were all running fine and the charts were displaying normally a few weeks ago.
What appears on our front end:
\\file-ap1-03\userdata1$\carlo849\Desktop\JSCHARTS SCRIPTS\Charts displaying issue.png

I’ll be checking whether there were any patches or updates in the other platforms as well that may be causing the charts not to display.

Kind Regards,