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Hi Lakshman,

In order to represent “₹”, you can use the “\u20B9” Unicode. You can set the indexLabel property to the Unicode mentioned above to show the Rupee symbol inside the chart.

Kindly take a look at the code snippet below,

  data: [
      type: "column",
      showInLegend: true,
      legendMarkerColor: "grey",
      legendText: "Currency in Rupees(\u20B9)",
      indexLabel: "\u20B9{y}",
      dataPoints: [
        {y: 297571, label: "SD1"},
        {y: 267017, label: "SD2" },
        {y: 175200, label: "SD3"},
        {y: 154580, label: "SD4"},
        {y: 116000, label: "SD5"},
        {y: 97800, label: "SD6"},
        {y: 20682, label: "SD7"},
        {y: 20350, label: "SD10"}

Also, please take a look at this JSFiddle for an example on setting Rupee Symbol as the indexLabel using Unicode.

chart displaying rupee symbol in the index label