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I want to create a new post but unfortunately I cant seem to figure out a way to do so on this Forum (I just registered so maybe it’ll take time before I can post?).

We have similar requirement and modified CanvasJS to have time aligned x-axis with linked-zoom across multiple charts. Unfortunately charts don’t line up always due to the fact that the y-axis keeps shifting left or right depending on the axis label width.

For example, I have two charts that have data collected at the same time – chart 1 has range 0 – 10 seconds and chart 2 has range 0 – 20 seconds. I want to align these two charts with the time on the x-axis. But when I zoom into, say, 15 – 17 seconds, the first chart gets no y-axis labels and CanvasJS shifts the vertical y-axis line and now my charts aren’t aligned anymore.

Do you have any plans to support this feature or is there a better way to fix the position of the y-axis? To see what I am talking about change the datapoints y-value at https://canvasjs.com/docs/charts/chart-options/axisx/labelwrap/ to some huge number and see the vertical line shift right. I tried playing with margin, labelMaxWidth, and font “monospace” but can’t get it to work.