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The showAt method is now working for the secondary axis but I think I found an issue with a combination of showAt, formatLabel, and snapToDataPoint. Take a look at this jsfiddle https://jsfiddle.net/L534j1s9/. You’ll see that it should be displaying the crosshair at 17 every second as it renders. For some reason it displays the crosshair at the correct location but the label says it is the lowest value, which is 5. You’ll see in this jsfiddle I removed the formatLabel and now it displays the correct data https://jsfiddle.net/2djpbuLe/. This one also displays the correct data if I leave the formatLabel but remove the snapToDataPoint https://jsfiddle.net/8f12r5ub/. So it seems like something about using the combination of all three of those methods is causing the label to be sent the wrong data. Can you confirm? Or am I doing something wrong?