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on date of 5th feb. there r 3 records. If i filter by month it doesnt sum/average data of 5th feb and show on Y axis. It still show it as different candles

{ x: new Date(2018, 01, 5,12,30,2), y: [5198, 5629, 5159, 5385] },
{ x: new Date(2018, 01, 5,15,30,15), y: [5296, 5378, 5154, 5248] },
{ x: new Date(2018, 01, 5,22,30,15), y: [5254, 5279, 4788, 4924] },

The Range Buttons are designed to zoom into a specific range of data and not for sum/average the data. Please check this documentation page for more information.

I get this error: Failed to execute ‘drawImage’ on ‘CanvasRenderingContext2D’: The image argument is a canvas element with a width or height of 0.
I am using canvasjs stockchart and donut chart on same page but different DIV IDs.

Can you please create a JSFiddle reproducing the issue you’re facing so that we can look into the code, understand it better and help you out?

Indranil Deo
Team CanvasJS