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You can zoom individual chart by rotating mouse-wheel by binding wheel event to the container of individual charts of StockChart. Please find the code snippet for the same below.

function addWheelZoom(stockChart) {
  stockChart.charts[0].container.addEventListener("wheel", function(e){

    var slider = stockChart.navigator.slider;
    var sliderMinimum = slider.get("minimum"),
        sliderMaximum = slider.get("maximum");
    var interval = (slider.get("maximum") - slider.get("minimum"))/50; // change interval based on the range of slider
    var newMin, newMax;

    if (e.deltaY < 0) {
      newMin = sliderMinimum + interval;
      newMax = sliderMaximum - interval;
    else if (e.deltaY > 0) {
      newMin = sliderMinimum - interval;
      newMax = sliderMaximum + interval;

    if(newMax < stockChart.navigator.axisX[0].get("maximum") || newMin > stockChart.navigator.axisX[0].get("minimum")) { 
      stockChart.navigator.slider.set("minimum", newMin, false);
      stockChart.navigator.slider.set("maximum", newMax);

Please take a look at this JSFiddle for a working example on zooming StockChart using mouse-wheel.

stockchart with zooming feature using mouse wheel

Vishwas R
Team CanvasJS