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1. while assigning dynamic height to chart using options for individual charts, navigator is not showing (refer container 1 in attached code)

StockChart takes default height when stockchart container’s height is not set. You can set the height of stockchart container by setting height in “containerProps” props of CanvasJS as explained in tutorial. Please take a look at this updated stackblitz example.

2.How can i decouple or extract navigator from container 2 so that it do not become part of scroll in case overflow is applied.(refer container 2 in attached code)

Decoupling navigator from stockchart is not possible as of now. However, you can achieve it by setting height of chart, navigator and stockchart container as shown in this stackblitz example.

Considering this thread as a duplicate of navigator hidden when height assigned to charts in stockcharts and hence closing the same.

Manoj Mohan
Team CanvasJS