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Hi @manoj-mohan, thanks for your answer.

I saw the stripLines label parameters but I would really like to be able to add them to the legend.
I can have several stripleLine in the graph and would not like the label to repeat itself N times.

check the image attached to get an idea of what I’m trying to reproduce: example
Those greys stripline are periodic throughout…time and there could be more in display. Maybe it’s not a “indutry-standard”, but it would make sense to gather it in the legend ?

  • What do you think? would this be something you could include to the library?
  • If not, as a quick fix, I played around quickly to get into the legend but I failed, each time I render (chart or legend) it delete my array chart.legend.rows[0].items.push({markerType: "circle", markercolor:"grey", text: "tide"})is there no way to hack a the legend


PS.: it would be nice to have a preview-post or edit-post option available here