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Thanks for the quick response. It didn’t fix my problem, but at least it let me know what my problem wasn’t. I was able to figure out what the issue was through trial and error. It seems to be a conflict with Prettier.
Replicate like this:
vue create pretty
Manually select features.
To keep things simple as possible I selected only “Linter / Formatter”
When prompted to pick a linter, select ESLint + Prettier
I kept the defaults for the rest. Here’s the summary for the create command:
Vue CLI v4.3.1
? Please pick a preset: Manually select features
? Check the features needed for your project: Linter
? Pick a linter / formatter config: Prettier
? Pick additional lint features: Lint on save
? Where do you prefer placing config for Babel, ESLint, etc.? In dedicated config files
? Save this as a preset for future projects? (y/N)

Then I copied the ChartComponent.vue file and canvasjs.min.js from your sample into the project and added the ChartComponent to App.vue, placing it right after the HelloWorld component in the template.

When I run “npm run serve” or “npm run build” the process locks up. Ctr-C does not even kill it. I have to go to task manager to kill the node.exe process that was launched.

Everything works fine if I repeat this process, but select “ESLint with error prevention only” at the “Pick a linter” step.

I was able to remove Prettier from my main project and display your CharComponent, so I’m good for now. If you get a chance to look at this closer and see a fix, let me know.