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I keep trying and I found that the problem was in this part of the code (the IF comparing the dates:

const filter = new Date('2020-03-13');

if (new Date(convertDate(caso[0].replace("\"","").replace("\"",""))) > filter ){
/* some code */

Where ‘caso[0]’ was like ‘”03/13/20″”‘ litheraly, with one quote at the begining and two quotes at the end.
I needed the format ‘2020-03-13’ and I did those things to clean the string to compare those dates to filter empty data from the array.
Then i figured out that the dates were the problemn and I fixed it using another control before this part of the code.
Using a control on the FOR loop. Commit Fix for IOS

So, the dates are no soported on IOS I think.

Without the IF and date comparison, it worked fine.