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Could you explain how these width and height values are used by your algorithm ie. how is it that this fixes the problem? I have to cope with varying screen sizes in this application so I will need to understand exactly how to dynamically derive those values to be ones that work. Understanding what it is about those values that makes the labels display correctly will help.

To make the chart responsive, the chart is re-rendered when the window is resized with the updated size of the container. And upon resize of the chart, labels/indexLabels of the chart are readjusted to avoid overlapping.

Actually your proposed workaround works for this specific chart but not for others. In the following example, your setting of width 50% and height 300px still results in label display issues. I need a solution that will reliably work regardless of the pie chart size and screen size – the data varies, so the screen layout varies.

Sorry, we are unable to reproduce the issue at our end. Can you kindly share steps to reproduce the issue? Meanwhile you can try re-rendering the chart on changing the view to fullscreen, which might fix the issue in this case.

Manoj Mohan
Team CanvasJS